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Spiritual “Pressure Points” – The Lorna Byrne Interview

Written By Sangi Dave

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Folks, it is so important to know going in to these HOW TO CONNECT WITH ANGELS podcasts are not theoretical sound-bytes; they are meant to be taken in and digested in a very personal way.  Lorna’s words spoken during her deeply moving interview really touched me. In fact, there were several “trigger points” that opened me up to forgotten thoughts and experiences tucked away in the attic of my unconscious, just waiting to be discovered again.


Her message immediately resonated with me when she said that angels love even a “bad person”.  In a culture that values conformity and material wealth, I often feel like I am a “bad person”.  As a goofy, idiosyncratic, quirky girl who would rather read a good story than hunt for a high-paying desk job, who would rather contemplate the life of a spider than cruise malls to be up to speed on the latest fashions… I often feel that I do not fit in.  Believe it or not, I am a millennial who would rather speak in-person than text!

Being different leaves me feeling like I am a “bad person”.  This is a wound I struggle with every day.  So you can imagine how soothed I felt to hear Lorna say that angels love everyone – even the “bad people”.

Next, I heard Lorna urge adults to become more like children, and I felt at home.  I often get in touch with my child side. I watch cartoons, do collages from children’s picture books and cultivate joy for the small things like ice cream and hugs. Am I weird? I reconsider my stuffed animals, my cartoony scrapbooks, all the times I have Shrek on auto-play. Perhaps they have a purpose after all!

Another trigger in this podcast was Lorna’s discussion of the power of prayer, of the universality of prayer across all faiths.  I was raised in the Hindu faith. Scripture seemed to encourage us to follow our truth, to privilege God over societal conditioning, to pay attention to our intuition. Yet, people interpret religion in different ways. Living in a competitive and materially-oriented world, my family and relatives privileged status and financial success, many times, over the exploration of one’s inner soul. In a profound spiritual experience as a teenager when I surrendered to God (Krishna in the Hindu faith), I felt the power of societal conditioning fade away. I belonged to something much bigger, wiser and transcendent. God was “fuller” than Wall Street; God meant more than the Dow Jones Industrial Average; God loved in a way Walmart cannot. Through prayer and sustained surrender, I was able to access the miracles and strengths of my inner resources that allowed me to be resilient in the face of an oppressive culture that held money and success as Gods. The power of prayer really did work for me.

Lorna Byrne is an Irish mystic who has experienced angels and the power of prayer since childhood.  The time you take to listen to her interview, is a gift to your soul.

Click here for the “How to Connect with Angels” podcast interview link

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